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Choosing the best and most efficient Email migration tool is very important to ensure the integrity of your data. To improve the delivery rates and accuracy of transfer data the best Mail migration tool can help you meet your goals. In this article, We have ranked the 5 best Email migration tools, so that you can select the best one for you.


Overview: MigrationWiz is a fully automated, 100% SaaS migration solution – accessible any time from anywhere. A single, centralized interface streamlines everything from simple mailbox moves to enterprise-scale migration projects.

Key features: The key features of MigrationWiz BitTitan include:

  • Migrate mail from nearly any Source to any Destination. 
  • Quickly discover, collect, and migrate personal archives.
  • Move files, permissions, and more for common storage apps.
  • Copy over mail folders, calendars, contacts, and more.

USP: Migrate multiple cloud workloads with a single solution.

Pricing: MigrationWiz BitTitan is available in Eight plans, starting from $12 price per user

Contact us: ToDoMigration Experts will help you to cover complete Email migration using the MigrationWiz BitTitan migration tool.


Overview: Whether you are using the full Office 365 Tenant, we offer a range of migration tools and coexistence solutions. SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and Office 365 Group, we have you covered.

Key features: The key features of Cloudiway Migration Tool include:

  • Unlimited delta passes (incremental migration).
  • Migrations are transparent to users, with no downtime.
  • Allow changes to existing calendar appointments after migration.
  • Supports all migration paths (batches, staged, etc.)

USP: Easy to use & nothing to install

Pricing: Cloudiway Migration Tool is available in Three plans, starting from $9.50 price per user

Contact us: ToDoMigration Experts will help you to cover all the migration using the Cloudiway migration tool.

3. quest (Quest Software Inc)

Overview: On Demand Migration for Email enables you to simply migrate user mailbox from Gmail, Exchange, POP/IMAP, Sun ONE/iPlanet or Zimbra to Office 365, or on-premises or hosted Exchange without installing or maintaining migration tool.

Key features: The key features of Quest include:

  • Quickly filter out unwanted data to reduce migration timelines.
  • Prevent data loss with automated preservation of large attachments.
  • Monitor migration progress with progress reports throughout to ensure the security of your data.
  • Re-migrate data without creating duplicates using a phased migration approach.

USP: Support personal archives on the source and target environments to preserve critical information and provide flexibility in managing historical content.

Pricing: Contact ToDoMigration for Pricing.

Contact us: ToDoMigration Experts will help you to cover all the migration using the Quest migration tool.


As your expert Data Migration consultancy, we specialize in helping your business successfully integrate into cloud-based model. We take the time to understand your needs and your goals to create a scalable program that delivers on your expectations. ToDoMigration Experts will help you in assesment and doing migration for your data and implementation.

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