Disclaimer: The content below is solely based on personal opinion being a part of the Power Platform community and professional experience. It should not be considered as the final and confirmed guide for licensing of Power Apps. I highly recommend checking the official guide of Power Apps licensing by Microsoft to see the latest updates.

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Microsoft Power Platform includes 4 products including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Power BI. All these products have a separate licensing mode that customers can look upon and make a purchase suitable to their needs. In this blog, I will be focusing on Power Apps which is a low-code platform for making apps to bring productivity to your business and extend the user experience.

Power Apps with Office 365 / Microsoft 365

Customers having Office 365 (A1, A3, A5, E1, E3, E5) or Microsoft 365 plans include Power Apps. The customers can only create and run Canvas apps with Standard connectors only. No Premium connectors are available in these license categories. To use Common Data Service (CDS) which is now called Dataverse is available in (A3, A5, E3, A5) only. The best use case of these license types is to extend the experience of your current SharePoint forms by rebuilding them with Power Apps.

Power Apps with Dynamics 365

Customers having Dynamics 365 (Sales, Customer Service Enterprise, Field Service, Finance, Supply Chain, HR) includes Power Apps. Within the same environment, the customers of D365 Enterprise can run Canvas and Model-Driven Apps using Standard, Premium, and even custom connectors. Customers can also use Dataverse with these license types. The best use-case for these license types is to extend the sales, finance, and supply chain experience of your business using Power Apps

Power Apps Per App Plan

This license type is best for customers which are getting started with Power Apps in their environment. Let’s say if you have a few SharePoint forms, you can use Power Apps to revamp them using this license type. This license type allows users to run 2 custom apps (canvas or model-driven) and 1 portal with full features. It has Standard and Premium connectors support. It can also leverage an On-premise data gateway to connect your locally hosted data sources like SQL Server. It can also utilize Dataverse for making the apps. This license plan is suitable for the DevTest environment to test applications before bringing them to the Production environment.

Power Apps Per User Plan

This is the best plan if you do not care about the number of apps running in your environment. This is a per-user plan and each user has to have the license in order to run the app regardless of the number of apps. The user can run unlimited Canvas and Model-driven apps using Standard and Premium connectors. The Dataverse can also be utilized with this plan. Customers with an unlimited number of SharePoint forms can utilize this license type to revamp the forms using Power Apps and let users use it.

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